What are marshmallows made of?

Our marshmallows are made of sugar, gelatin (bovine, from a cow) and artificial flavours and sprinkles.


Are they _____________ free?

Archimallows are gluten, dairy, soy, nut & egg free. However, our s’mores pops use graham crackers, which are NOT gluten free. Unless requested. 


How long do marshmallows last?

Our marshmallows stay fresh for about 3-months if you keep them packaged. They’ll start getting hard the more they’re exposed to air - the enemy of the marshmallow!


Can I book you for my party/event/wedding?

Yes! Thanks for the invite! If you would like a s’mores bar at your event, contact us.


Great! Now what is a s’mores bar?

Great question. We offer s’mores bars for weddings and other events. We bring four flavours of marshmallows, regular and gluten free graham crackers, chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauces as well as Bailey’s for dipping marshmallows in. So good.

We then toast ‘mallows on request for guests and build personalized s’mores. It’s pretty delicious.