Cover yourself with travel insurance while roaming in Singapore

Whenever one is traveling for a vacation or official work in Singapore, it is wise to get covered under the best insurance plan. Nobody can predict when it will be needed, and prevention is always better than cure. It may be delays in flight, some medical emergency, or lost baggage or documents. One should ever have some insurance to support the situation and stay relaxed without worrying about the expenses. Therefore, buying travel insurance is always recommended while touring the length and breadth of the country. One can get many travel insurance guide SG searching the internet and recommendations of various insurance companies in them. But before signing the contract, one should always weigh the pros and cons or look at the area that needs to be well covered under the insurance plan. It is not purchasing the cheapest travel insurance plan for the sake of being covered but much beyond that. Let us, therefore, prioritize the area of coverage so that there are no hiccups during trotting Singapore, even if there is a natural calamity like volcanic eruptions.

The points to ponder

One of the points that one needs to pay heed even after reading any travel insurance guide SG is the type of plan. It may be a single trip plan, an annual plan for multi-trip, the individual plan, a family plan, and many others. One also needs to pay heed to the insurance coverage for personal accident or the medical coverage. Again, as Singapore is famous for adventure and leisure sports, one can get covered for taking part in them. There are many bouquets of insurance plans while traveling at Singapore. One should choose them judiciously to get the best coverage paying the cheapest travel insurance premium.

Ask yourself about the priorities

As discussed already, one can have a multi-trip annual insurance plan so that each time one travels across Singapore, and there is no need to buy a policy. The premium of these types of policies is much less than the single trip plans. With a multi-trip insurance plan, one can choose the zone of traveling and get covered for any unforeseen circumstances. If you travel alone, then go for the individual. If one always travels with the family or in a group, then buying the family plan or the group plan is best for them.

Look at the coverage

Almost all travel insurance plan for Singapore is aimed to cover a range of situations. It can be the travel inconvenience coverage like cancellation of flights or trips, lost, and damaged baggage. One can get protection against loss due to cancelation of the tours for bad weather, or other natural calamities. One can even get covered for the hotel expenses paid in advance and get reimbursed by the best insurance company, in case the trip is rescheduled or canceled.

Do not miss medical coverage

It is highly recommended that one should be always be covered by a proper medical insurance plan while traveling in Singapore. Although medical treatment is still at the highest levels in Singapore, the expenses are also much. Without medical insurance, while going to Singapore, it is not possible to get the highest standards of treatments. One can even burn a big hole in the pockets if not covered by a proper medical insurance plan. It is highly unpredictable when a medical emergency will knock at the door, and one needs to visit the hospital for treatments. It is always better to pay an insurance premium for medical coverage and stay relaxed.

Think of the leisure sports cover or personal accident cover

Singapore is a place that has a fast lifestyle. With luxury cars zooming at high speed on the roads or leisure sports activities like bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving, and many more. Therefore it is best to get covered for any accident as you drive on the road at high speed or participating in the adventure sports. Not many insurance policies cover these activities, and one should read the total coverage bucket and only choose a policy that covers all. The danger comes from the safest corner without any sign. Therefore, one should not ignore these coverage’s and casually sign any travel insurance deal. Read the fine prints carefully and then only agree to sign the policy papers and pay the premium.

Buying them

While reading, if you are thinking of where to buy the travel insurance plans and policies during your trip to Singapore, leave aside your insurance blues. Here are many companies providing online services, and one can get covered through them. Many online aggregators help to compare policies of various insurance companies and help you to select the best company according to the coverage plan needed. Even the travel agencies or the general insurance brokers are keen to get you covered for travel insurance in Singapore and help you to buy them. Check your credit card. Many credit card offers free travel insurance coverage. One only needs to pay for all the travel costs through the designated credit card and the travel insurance will be complimentary. Read the rules and regulations of your credit card and enjoy complimentary travel insurance cover, if you are eligible. If you have not bought an annual plan, it is best to buy the best policy as soon as you book the flight tickets for the Singapore trip.

Selecting the quantum of coverage

As you travel to Singapore, your insurance coverage should be enough to not only cover the medical expenses or the personal accident or leisure sports activities. It should also include the value of your belongings. Select a plan that can give coverage benefits of 200% to 300%. Although one has to pay nearly 60% more than the general plans but the assurance is much satisfying, and the tour can be done without any tensions.


Read the guidelines for travel insurance in Singapore surfing the internet and select the best policy to be covered under any situation and get reimbursed. It is better to pay a premium and smile at any unforeseen events than to repent for the monetary loss.