Tips For Travelling First Time In Singapore

Singapore is known to be one of the most captivating destinations in Southeast Asia. This island country serves diverse things that surely interest every traveler and tourist. With its interesting history and ethnic quarters, the place offers more captivating spaces such as luxury hotels, exclusive shopping malls, and sophisticated dining. Also, the city uses a great system for their public transportation and they have a lot of institutions offering considerate travel insurance services such as MoneyIQ. With the Best Travel Insurance Singapore, tourists and locals will be able to enjoy their stay because their safety and accommodation are secured.

Furthermore, to help those who wish to travel to the city, complied below are some good tips to further make their visit more worthwhile.

Have Travel Insurance

It is very common for travelers to experience baggage losses, delayed flights, cancellation of booked hotels, and unexpected medical-related emergencies. And since people usually visit foreign places, seeking help can sometimes be a problem. Thus, to be prepared regarding these situations, having reliable travel insurance is recommended.

There are hundreds of institutions worldwide that offer great plans and policies. So, before concluding into any transactions, it is better to check the travel itinerary first to have ideas on what appropriate packages are feasible for the journey’s plans.

Use public transportation

Singapore has one of the best public transportation systems in Southeast Asia. The place has an impressive Mass Rapid Transit or MRT that takes tourists to their desired places while having to enjoy the ride.

Also, it is better not to ride any taxis because sometimes they could be more expensive than the city’s Uber and Grad. Having a Singapore Tourist Pass is also recommended to avail discounts and save some money.

Eat locally

To savor the traditional and unique cuisines in Singapore, having to eat within the local restaurants are suggested rather than dining in five-star hotels and having scrumptious meals. The city is famous for its interesting delicacies like various noodle soups and Prawn Mee, and to be able to taste them all, going to the city’s famous public hawker stalls and food centers are advised; this would also save up more budgets and would let travelers visit more places.

Book early

For tourists who already planned on visiting Singapore, it is better to book flights and hotels early. Sometimes, some airlines create promos for over a certain period and where selected tickets are discounted up to a certain percentage; if lucky, some people can avail free tickets going abroad.

Furthermore, since the city is always visited by millions of people, affordable hotels are commonly fully booked and as well as other guest houses. Thus, it is suggested to book hotel as early as possible so that tourists would be able to pick rooms best fitting for their desires, look for less expensive establishments, get the best view in the city, and have a convenient place that’s plausible to all the places in the planned itinerary.

Have a well-planned itinerary

Singapore is full of astonishing places like the Gardens by the Bay and the iconic Merlion Park. Thus, to fully discover these places, travelers should have a well-planned itinerary. Since the city is large and vast, it is recommended to pick and visit places that are near each other to save more time and travel allowance. Also, it is not a need to go to the most famous places in the city because some unpopular places are worth visiting.

Drink tap water

Water is the most important entity a person needs. Thus, it is advised for people to have a bottled of water with them when traveling both locally and internationally; although airports restrict bringing of water, at least some amount allowed by the said establishment.

And unlike other countries, the tap water in Singapore is completely safe. This helps locals and other foreigners to keep themselves hydrated and, at the same time, reduce plastics and the city’s amount of garbage. Also, having to drink water within the tap would lessen additional travel expenses.


The majority of people love to seek adventure in new places to find different places, taste flavorful cuisines, meet diverse people and experience new trends. Right now, millions of tourists travel to Singapore every year to see the intricate and interesting society the city has.

And although it seems impossible, the city’s governing system was still able to maintain the peace, safety, and security of the people because of the existence of Best Travel Insurance Singapore. Together with MoneyIQ and other travel insurance providers, the journey of every person is well accommodated. This results in the growth of the city’s tourism, marketing, and business industries.